Our team.

The faces behind Hagesana.

Stefan Gelenkirchen

Managing Director, Lawyer

Roger Stürmer

Sales Manager

Thomas Hülsmann

Technical management

Our history.

More than 50 years of quality.

Hagesana was founded over 50 years ago, in 1968 to be precise, out of a clear vision. The founder, Hans Gelenkirchen, aimed not only to simplify cream production for bakers and confectioners, but also to make it more profitable. He understood the importance of efficiency in this craft and saw a way to optimize this process by saving cream.

In the late 1980s, we expanded our product range and integrated shortening filters for frying fats, which serves as a testimony to our constant effort to diversify our offer and adapt it to the changing needs of our customers.

Since 1993, Stefan Gelenkirchen, the son of the founder and current business owner, together with our dedicated team, has been at the heart of Hagesana. Together, we continue the legacy with passion and determination, working hand-in-hand to take the company to new heights.

We place special emphasis on the hygiene and sterilization focus of our machines to deliver the best result to our customers and ensure that food products are always of the highest quality and free from contamination. This ensures not only taste, but also safety for the end consumer. Through constant innovation and research, we have always pursued this goal and developed customized solutions for our customers.

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Bennison's Bakery

Chicago, USA

The cream machine from Hagesana is an investment that has paid off! As the owner of a bakery, the quality of the cream is of utmost importance to me. The CREAM-KING Premium Line has impressed us in terms of efficiency and saving cream and time.

Bakery Borggräfe GmbH

Sprockhövel, Germany

The CREAM KING Premium Line is very user-friendly and easy to operate. We are very pleased with the cost savings of using less whipping cream without compromising on quality. We can recommend Hagesana to anyone looking for a premium cream machine.